IMM Cologne 2017
The IMM Cologne Fair has just successfully ended, there we shown the news 2016 together with our best seller.
We wish to thank everyone who came to visit us.

June 2016I Tonelli received the "Honorable Mention" for VU
During the award ceremony of the XXIV Compasso d'Oro, organized by ADI - Association for the Industrial Design at Palazzo Isimbardi in Milan, Tonelli design received the "Honorable Mention" for VU, the mirror designed by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni.

Honorable Mention for VU

June 2016I Cristina Celestino
Many compliments to our designer Cristina Celestino for the "Premio Speciale della Giuria" at Salone del Mobile Milano Awards.

Cristina Celestino

April 2016 I New Products
Here are the new models 2016 shown at the latest International Furniture Fair in Milan:
Opalina collection by Cristina Celestino,
Opalina Dressing Table
, Opalina Consolle,
Opalina Desk, Opalina Stool, Opalina Mirror,
Opalina Wall cloth rack

Quiller Collection by Uto Balmoral, Quiller Bookcase, Quiller Mirror, Quiller Console, Quiller Side Table, Quiller Low table
The low tables Pulse by Karim Rashid
Series of low tables and side tables Lens and Lenses by Paolo Grasselli
The Atomic Mirror by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni

Milan Design Week 2016

February 2016 I The new Aged Oak finish for Tavolante
Tonelli design presents the new Aged Oak finish for Tavolante, the glass and wood table designed by
Marco Gaudenzi in 2009.
The tabletop is made with recovered oak beams processed to enhance the wood's distinctive cracks and knots.
An industrial process that promotes the recovery and redevelopment of top-quality raw materials.

The new Aged Oak finish for Tavolante

January 2016 I Imm Cologne '16-Pav 11.1 Halle A24
Tonelli Design chooses its first event of the new year: Imm Cologne 2016.
The fair, that will be in Cologne from 18th to 24th January, will be an occasion for Tonelli Design to present an accurate selection of its glass furniture collection.

IMM Cologne 2016

November 2015 I AIAP DX 2015 International Graphic Design Week
Tonelli design has received the "Progetto Committenza" quality certification awarded by AIAP – the Italian Association of Visual Communication Design – to Italian designers and enterprises that base their strategic and competitive value on the relationship between designers and clients. 
This recognition rewards Tonelli design's new visual identity designed by Leonardo Sonnoli and Irene Bacchi of Tassinari/Vetta studio

AIAP DX 2015 International Graphic Design Week

October 2015 I Thanks Isao
Isao Hosoe has meant beginning, growth, and continuity for us. The relationship between the Japanese engineer and Tonelli – so much more than a mere collaboration – has been continuing for almost 30 years.
During this time, the typical Eastern kindness and calmness have blended with our Italian character and enthusiasm, creating the perfect partnership.

Grazie Isao Hosoe

April 2015 I New products 2015
Here are the new items 2015 shown at the latest International Furniture Fair in Milan:
the high table Lapsus by Arrighi and Nisco and the high table Perseo by Paolo Grasselli, the low table Gotham and console/office furniture Gotham designed by Leonardi-Marinelli, Guidoriccio and Partner mirrors respectively designed by Andrea Tempestini and
Emilio Nanni, the showcase container In-Fila by Favaretto & Partners, the bar trolley Kart by Karim Rashid and the new version of Gerundio mirror and Liber library by architect G.Tommaso Garattoni and Luca Papini

Nuovi prodotti 2015

March 2015 I Tonelli at Milan Design Week 2015
Tonelli Design invites you to discover the preview of collection 2015. The new models will be presented at Milan Design Week from 14th to 19th April.
We will be waiting for you at Pavillon 20 Stand E23

Milan Design Week 2015

October 2014 I ADI Design Index 2014
Tonelli Design has been selected in the
2014 ADI Design Index with VU project, design by
Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni

Tonelli su ADI Design Index 2014

May 2014 | Karim Rashid + Tonelli design
Tonelli celebrates 10 years of cooperation and friendship with Karim Rashid in a big event in New York and with "KART" the bar unit with big glass castors that become the project's supporting and iconic elements.

Karim Rashid + Tonelli design

April 2014 | New models Tonelli Design
Here are the new products 2014 shown at the International Furniture Fair of Milan:
Bakkarat high table designed by D'Urbino - Lomazzi,
Digit container by Tonelli Design R&D
Mirage low table and for office use, designed by arch.
Matteo Ragni, new finishings for the high table Livingstone by Giulio Mancini and for Dazibao library by Gonzo-Vicari

Tonelli Design

March 2014
2014 has kicked off in style for Tonelli design by launching a new visual identity redesigned by Leonardo Sonnoli from the Tassinari/Vetta design studio.
The logotype was redesigned maintaining a clear continuity with the past. The letter T is still divided in two parts, but the lettering was updated to ensure clearer readability.

Tonelli Design

21st December 2013
January 2014 | Imm Cologne 2014–Pav. 11.1 Stand A24
Tonelli design chooses Imm Cologne as first event of 2014, presenting a selection of glass furniture emblem of elegance and functionality.
Among the products also 2013 best seller:
the consolle Penrose,
the library Liber,
the table Bakkarat,
the desk Server and
the mirror VU.

Tonelli Design - Imm Cologne 2014 - Pad 11.1 Stand A24

18th December 2013
Tonelli tells its story at TG5: from the young age of the owners to the concept of good product proudly designed and manufactured in Italy. 
Few important minutes in which Tonelli reveals the dream of landing to Australia and advises how to remain faithful to the values of a company that has lived in the Italian district of the glass for 25 years.
Watch the video of Tonelli at TG

Tonelli Design - Servizio TG5

22th September 2013
At MIES Gallery in Modena, in the event FestivalFilosofia, has been presented the exhibition "Il segno della croce", curated by Marco Nardini and Umberto Zampini.
Emilio Nanni has realized for the exhibition an installation consisting of two crosses, one of this is
realized in crystal made by Tonelli design.


29th April 2013
The Transparent Factory
Tonelli Design, Italian manufacturer of glass furniture.
After his frst encounter with Tonelli, back in 1988, Isao Hosoe wrote to his master, Shiro Kuramata, who at the time was experimenting with acrylic glue, to discuss about this solid and durable handicraft technique. 25 years later, the technique has remained faithful to its origins. Now this publication – edited by Leonardo Sonnoli and Irene Bacchi from the Tassinari/Vetta design offce – celebrates this important anniversary recounting the days of the experimental process that led to the foundation of the company, whilst
investigating and refecting on the visual, graphic, and conceptual qualities of glass, all with an
eye to the future.

The Transparent Factory

22nd April 2013
Here are the new items 2013 we presented at the recent International Furniture Fair in Milan:
The high table Claro designed by Calvi - Brambilla,
The low table Veer by karim Rashid,
the mirrors Tag and Vu respectively designed by
Itamar Harari and Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni,
the low tables Bakkarat by D'Urbino - Lomazzi and
Lumetto by Leonardi - Marinelli the office furniture
Server and Penrose respectively by Luigi Trento and Ing.Isao Hosoe in co-operation with Lucia Fontana and Masaya Hashimoto and the library Liber by arch.Papini
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New products

29th November 2012
A cooperation agreement between the
the CENTRO TECNOLOGICO COSMOB of Pesaro, and the three companies TONELLIDESIGN, ACRILIGHT and COMPOSIT, has been signed the last 13th of November.
The project, entitled "IL DESIGN GUIDA IL FUTURO"
(The Design guides the future), provides planning and devolpment of products and technologies inherent to the the companies participating.
The project represents a challenge to the students to workd with international companies, while to the companies it offers the opportunity of creating new design concepts.
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NovitÓ di prodotto 2012

25th July 2012
From the month of July the Tonelli Design products started being part of one for the biggest and most important virtual networks dedicated to the world of design:,, and
A window of great interest for our company that is present with more than 100 products complete with images and descriptions.

NovitÓ di prodotto 2012

11th May 2012
Here are the new products presented at the last
Furniture Fair in Milan:
the high tables Fragments and Nervi designed by
Uto Balmoral and Giulio Mancini, the coffee table Ti by Gonzo-Vicari, the mirrors Cling, Gerundio, Kaddy,
The Great Beyond respectively designed by Tonelli Design R&D, Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni, Karim Rashid and
Uto Balmoral, the library Transistor by Barberini - Gunnel and the display Brama by Matteo Ragno.

NovitÓ di prodotto 2012

31st January 2012/ Emilio Nanni
The Art to Design Gallery, presents in occasion of
OFF - Bologna, Art Fair 2012
, -"Sign² " by Emilio Nanni. The gallery shows the designer's work, that for the first time, binds the two souls art and design at the fair Art to Design. For Tonelli Design the mirror RIGHELLO is exhibited.

Emilio Nanni

06th June 2011/Tonelli Design advertising on
Bravacasa magazine

Tonelli Design is present at page 145 on BRAVACASA magazine May issue, with the new advertising dedicated to the high table Luz de Luna designed by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni

Tonelli Design advertising on

08 October 2010/ Tonelli at Design Week of Istanbul
Tonelli has partecipated in the Istanbul Design Week event, presenting the Shiki mirror by designer Isao Hosoe

30 July 2010/Reviews by design magazines
We announce some design magazines that in the last months have dedicated us some attention:
Casamica and Interni in April, Brava Casa in May, they dedicated a space to the new coffee table designed by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni "Playtime".
Famiglia Cristiana in the same month had published the mirror "Plissè", otherwise Un mese in casa in June had published "Unity" the last creation signed by Karim Rashid.

Riviste di settore che hanno recensito i nostri prodotti

30 April 2010/The Plissé mirror awarded a prize
The mirror Plissé designed by Arrighi - Montanaro has won the second prize of the "Young & Design" contest.

March 2010
We announce that some Italian magazines of this sector on the March issue, have dedicate us some attention:
"Interni" magazine has dedicated a space to the mirror Fittipaldi (pag.62), "Ville Giardini" magazine has recensed the items Appendispecchio and Bungalow Round (pag.22), "Un mese in casa" magazine has published the tables Strata, Strata Petineuse (pag.15), mod. Tavolante (pag.43), the library mod. Dazibao (pag.63) and the model Psiche (pag.68-69).
"Cose di Casa" magazine has recensed Belly Dance mirror (pag.81) and Autostima (pag.82).

Riviste di settore che hanno recensito i nostri prodotti
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30th March 2009/ Tonelli at International Furniture Fair in Milan
Tonelli will be present from 22nd to 27th April 2009 at the International Furniture Fair in Milan. Come to visit us, we'll be waiting for you at Pavillon 12, stand B 11.

Tonelli at International Furniture Fair in Milan
For further information we invite you to visit the following web-site

26th february 2008/ Tonelli at Progetti&Paesaggi Fair
From 12th to 15th March Tonelli will partecipate in the fair Progetti & Paesaggi in Bologne.
We will be waiting for you at Pavillon 21 - Stand A66.

Tonelli at Progetti&Paesaggi in Bologne

For all details we invite you to visit the product schedule

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12th December 2007/ Tonelli presents Amon
In occasion of the Sia Guest fair in Rimini, Tonelli has presented Amon, the new vase designed by Roberto Garbugli.

31st October 2007 / Tonelli at SIA Guest 2007
Tonelli is looking forward to seeing you at SIA Guest in Rimini, from 24th to 27th November.

Tonelli at Sia Guest

19th July 2007/ Tonelli From 14th to 21st July 2007 shows at the ehibition Design made in Pesaro at Rocca Costanza
As explained by the organizers "this event composed by an ehibition and a meeting in order to promote the furniture of Pesaro and of the nation, gives hospitality to the best international designers and the best products of the local factories which were able to combine the project and its realization. showing that the bond between factory and design is more strategic today than before, also in order to be more competitive on the international markets."
The event in Pesaro, is located in Rocca Costanza, the historical heart of the city. Rocca Costanza "represents simbolically the connection between culture and industry, tradition and innovation, past and present, an ideal place to reflect together about the future ways to make our business always more qualified and opened to the international challenge".

Tonelli at Design made in Pesaro

07th May 2007/ New items 2007 available on-line
New items 2007 available on-line
Karim Rashid, Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni,
Elisabetta Gonzo e Alessandro Vicari, Giulio Mancini, Adriano Design e Kaori Shiina

New products 2007
Per informazioni più dettagliate vi invitiamo a visitate il sito

6th April 2007/ Tonelli presents the new products 2007, preview of projects by Karim Rashid, Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni, Elisabetta Gonzo and Alessandro Vicari, Giulio Mancini, Adriano Design and Kaori Shiina.
From 18th to 23rd April Tonelli will be at The International Furniture Fair, Pavillon 12 Stand B09 presenting the new products.
The images will be available, as usual, starting from the opening day of the fair; in preview, here are the new products described by their designers.
The form to require material for the press is already available: form to apply for press kit

Babykake, is the mirror designed by Karim Rashid who says about his creation:
"The ultimate stimulation and inspiration to get the most out of life is by seeing ones own appearance evolve over time - a moment of self evaluation and self reflection. The hourglass shaped mirror emphasizes the urge to live life to the fullest whereas the integrated storage accommodates a space for material memories."
Mondovisione is the library designed by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni. The designer says: "To link up with worldwide remind you of a long time ago when the events of foreign countries were really far away. A time where the satellite connections were the top of technology for a TV still in black and white.
A real idol to approach with deference, from which you could receive news from New York by mr Ruggero Orlando, the World Championship in Mexico '70 or, the supreme event, the first man on the moon!
Now that the screen, even no more as a household appliance but as a multimedial instrument, has definitively taken up the main wall, a remedy is needed, building an altar (technological) to put it at the centre of the scene, but also easily removing it from there to put on some books instead ."
Dazibao is the library designed by Elisabetta Gonzo and Alessandro Vicari. The designers explain: "Dazibao is a chinese word; the literal meaning is (wall) newspaper with big letters, it comes from the habit, since the dynastic times, to stick up personal writings on proper public notice board to allow everybody the reading.
Dazibao is a product that shows everything inside of it, it claims the right of expression, collects the pleasures of the collector and the literary pleasures and like every library it's built up by the passing of the time."
Miles and Plinskywho synthetizes his inspiration like this:
"... volume and surface again. From the surface to the volume again and then from the outline to what it could describe:
here are Miles and Plinsky, the perception of the materialization of the volume."
Palletcan be used as a TV stand, a low table and else; it's been designed by Adriano Design who explains:
"Pallet is "hybrid product" (work-table, TV stand and more...), useful, absolutely necessary but most of all, very simple. It can be used as a work-table, magazine-holder or as a movable station for a home entertainment system or in many other ways to invent. Its simplicity gives many solutions for each need of mobility in a house."
The small table Anemone who tells about the myth from which she was inspired: "The young and handsome Adonis was loved by Aphrodite.
One day, Ares, Aphrodite's lover, envious of the relationship between Adonis and Aphrodite, let the young guy meet a wild-boar. Adonis fought with the beast, but it hit him to death. Aphrodite desperate and depressed by the loss of her lover, turned her blood into the Anemone flower."

Tonelli at International Furniture Fair in Milan
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26th February 2007 Tonelli will be attending International Furniture Fair in Milan from 18th to 23rd April 2007
You will find us at pavillon 12 - Stand B09.


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